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FAQs on Glider Equipment, Installations and Maintenance

1.  What can I do to winterize my turbo engine?

The problem with turbo engines during winter storage is that they have a large thermal mass and when we get a period of cold weather, the engine mass gets cooled.  Invariably, a cold snap is followed by a mild, damp air mass and the engine mass is much slower to warm up than the glider structure.   This means that significant condensation takes place on the surface of the engine, causing potential corrosion.

Three simple things can be done to minimise this risk of condensation and subsequent corrosion.

a.   Remove the spark plug(s) and squirt a little WD40 or similar protective oil into the cylinder(s).   Turn the engine over by hand to distribute the oil and then replace the spark plugs.

b.   Spray or brush WD40 over the external metal work of the engine, taking care that the overspray does not wet the composite structure.

c.   Extend the engine so that the doors are just open allowing free air to circulate around the engine mass.