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Instrument User Manuals

A number of current manufacturer's user manuals are listed on this page. They are compiled in a variety of formats; Adobe Acrobat .pdf (PDF), Word for Windows (Word) and Hypertext Mark up Language (HTML).   They can be all be accessed and read by easily obtainable decoders.   An Acrobat reader can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.   Some of the Word for Windows manuals are zipped.   They will first need inflating by PKUNZIP or WINZIP and can then be read with the Wordpad utility found in the accessories section of Windows 95, 98 or XP if you do not have Word.    The HTML files can be read directly by your Internet Browser.    All files have been virus checked.

To download, simply click on the required manual.   In general, PDF manuals are shorter files while Word or zipped files are much larger (several MBs) and unless you have Broadband, take a long time to download


   Cambridge Manuals

Cambridge LNAV v5.8 User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge SNAV v7.9 & v8.9 User Manual (in PDF)

Flying with the Cambridge LNAV and SNAV (in PDF)

Cambridge GPS FR Analysis Software Manual v5 (in Word)

Cambridge GPS/NAV Flight Recorder v5.1 - User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge PocketNAV v5 Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge 302 DDV Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge 302A/CFR Manual (in Word)

Cambridge 303 LCD User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge MNAV User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge Mk 4 CPT40/50 User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge CMP140/150 Mk 4 Director (in pdf)

Cambridge CVS40/50 Vario User Manual (PDF)

Cambridge AD150 Audio Director (in PDF)

Cambridge AU22 Audio (in PDF)

Cambridge CNAV40 and 50 User Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge Integrator Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge Netto Compensator Manual (in PDF)

Cambridge CAV50 and CAV II Manual (in PDF)

LX Navigation and Filser Manuals

LX Navigation LX1000 (in zipped PDF)

Colibri Flight Recorder v1.0 (pdf)

Colibri Flight Recorder v3.0 and 4.0 (pdf)

LX Navigation DX50 FAI/IGC Approved Vario/GPS System (pdf)

LX Navigation LX5000FAI/IGC GPS Flight System v6.0 (pdf)

Filser LX160 Vario System (pdf)

LX 4000 Vario System (PDF)

  Other Manuals

Glide Navigator II User Manual (in PDF)

See You User Manual (in PDF)

See You Mobile User Manual (in PDF)

See You Competition Manual (in PDF)

Oudie User Manual (in PDF)

CAIR Clever Box Variometer (in PDF)